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Kittens on a blue blanket

Two Small Kittens, A Huge Dose of Adorable

Betcha can’t look at these two little kittehz and not say “awww”!  Don’t they look like they would be more than happy to play a good game of chase the string? Image ...
Cat Answers Phone

Fred the Cat Answers the Telephone

Hello? Is this the person to whom I am speaking? Smart kitty! Now he justs need to learn how to say a good, clear ”hello”. Like the kitty does in this video (around :55)
Cat and Dog

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog Household

Cats and dogs do not historically get along well, but many households have found harmony with both species living beneath the same roof. Before bringing a cat into a home where a dog ...
Beautiful Burmese

The Beautiful Burmese

Unique among most breeds of cat for their solid brown fur, the Burmese is a relatively new breed. The first Burmese was seen in the United States in 1930, when a small female, Wong ...

The Best Fairy Tale With Cats Ever

Once upon a time… And they lived happily ever after! Source
Zoo of Death

The “Zoo of Death”

There is a zoo in Indonesia, the Surabaya Zoo, that terribly mistreats it’s animals. With approximately 25 animals per month – that’s almost 1 per day - dying from ...
Kitty with unusual markings

Adorable Kitty with Unusual Markings

[facebook] Little kitty is so cute, and has such unusual markings! What would you name him?
Feral Cat

Jackson County’s Problem With Feral Cats

Spring has sprung and along with it comes growing grass and flowers, leaves on the trees and April showers. It’s also the time of year when lots of puppies and kittens are born. When ...
Hammie Taking Care of the Kittens

Hammie the Bulldog Adopts Kittens

  When Michelle Parden took in an abandoned, pregnant cat named Mommy, she had no idea that her 1 year old Bulldog “Hammie” would end up with such a strong bond to ...
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