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Mama Dog

Sweet Mama Dog Takes In Orphaned Kittens

OMG! This is the cutest thing ever! These three kittens were “dumped” off by a lady, and the resident mama dog took them under her wing. But the thing is, she already had ...
TWo Cat at the Window

My Window Seat

These two kitties are very focused on whatever it is that is going on outside their window. Do they see a mouse? Or is momma coming home with a grocery bag full of cat food? Whatever ...
World Lion Day

Happy World Lion Day 10th August 2014

Today, August 10 2014 is World Lion Day, a day to celebrate the regal and majestic lion. World Lion Day was created to raise awareness about the problems that lions are facing in ...

What is This Kitten Doing On My Desk?

Isn’t this an adorable kitten, with his deep blue eyes? Actually, it’s my new mousepad! Yep, $4.88 at Walmart. I don’t usually use a mousepad, but when I saw this ...
The Lion Whisperer

The Lion Whisperer

This is Kevin Richardson, a South African zookeeper, who is also known as The Lion Whisperer. He recently tried to talk about lion conservation, but was interrupted by Tau, who seemed ...
Cats Napping

Cap Nappin’

These two kitties are cat napping, getting all rested up for the weekend. They have a lot of cattin’ around to do!  What’s up for your weekend?
Tortiseshell Glasses

Cats With Glasses

How Does Your Kitty See? Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to your furrbabies? Felines see quite a bit differently than humans. They have much better night vision and ...
Cat with Camera

The Frustrated Photographer

This momma cat just can not get all her kittens to all look at the camera and mew at the same time!  She’s getting so upset that she’s biting the camera in frustration. ...

Would You Live In These Cat Houses?

What 5-year-old wouldn’t love going to school in this building? The Kindergarten Die Katze building, located in Wolfartsweier, Germany, was designed with just that idea in mind; ...
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