A Feral Cat’s Plea

  • Feral Cat

    The feral cat. They seem so unfriendly. They don’t want anything to do with you. They run and hide when you come anywhere near them. The truth is, they’d love to let you love them, but they’re just so scared. If you are someone who takes care of feral cats – bless your heart. There’s bound to be a special place for you in heaven.

    Feral Cat

    I’m a Feral.

    I want to trust you

    but I’m not ready…

    I’m hungry so

    please keep feeding me.

    I saw that house you put out,

    I hope it’s for me.

    Can we keep it this way

    for just a little while longer?

    I think one day

    I will be ready.

    Until then will you please keep

    taking care of me?

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    101 Responses to "A Feral Cat’s Plea"

    1. this is for my sister robin lanasa she takes care of 7 ferals who are all spayed and neutered and in great health

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