Away In A Manger

  • Cat in a Manger

    Well, today I started putting up the Christmas decorations. Drug all the plastic totes upstairs. Hung some holiday pix on the wall and started setting up the Nativity scene. Let’s see, Mary – check. Joseph – check. Baby Jesus – check. All three of the Wisemen – check. A cow- check. A giant black cat – check…wait – what??? I don’t remember a cat being in that story….

    Cat in a MangerWell, happy holidays everyone. From Kittens Whiskers and from Rocky, the giant black nativity scene cat.

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    15 Responses to "Away In A Manger"


    2. I am sure they were there at the nativity hidden in the straw somewhere.

    3. Now-a-days, you have to have security, everywhere!

    4. Jill Armour says:

      Maybe he thinks he’s a camel 🙂

    5. Maybe not original but I think he adds a ‘certain something’!

    6. Magdalene i don’t know why but i busted out laughing when i saw the image

    7. Esteban Cruz says:

      Dear friends, I beg you to do me the favor of entering the link that I put and give “I like” the photo of my cat. It is for the Christmas contest of the veterinary clinic to which we are going. Many thanks and happy 2017! https://www.facebook.com/129039063831565/photos/a.1233469760055151.1073741833.129039063831565/1235508453184615/?type=3&theater

    8. I love cats! Looking for some cat friends, Please send me a friends request

    9. Can’t leave that unnoticed

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