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Walking the Cat with Leash and Harness

Explore the Outdoors: Leash Training Your Cat

How many times has your cat tried to slip out the door? Cats instinctively like to explore, hunt, and hide; and the call of the wild can be all too tempting for your feline friend. ...
The Lion Whisperer

The Lion Whisperer

This is Kevin Richardson, a South African zookeeper, who is also known as The Lion Whisperer. He recently tried to talk about lion conservation, but was interrupted by Tau, who seemed ...
Cats on Hood of Car

Traveling with Kitty

Traveling with a cat can be quite an ordeal. Unlike dogs, cats generally hate car rides. There are several problems that are likely to occur when you travel with your cat, be it ...
The Amazing Acro-Cats

Meet the Acro-Cats!

Think you can’t really train a cat? Well, think again! The Acro-Cats, billed as Chicago’s only trained domestic cat show, will change your mind. These thirteen cats and one ...
Kitty on the Counter

Keeping the Cat Off the Counter

Kitties are so sweet and cuddly. There’s nothing like having that little furball curl up in your lap and start up the engine that powers that soft purr. But there are other times ...
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