Cats In The City – Only One Per Household?

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    How many cats can live happily together? Is it one, two, or twenty? Do cats need space? If so, how much? Dr. Sarah Ellis, an animal behaviorist, thinks one is the perfect number, and that more than one makes life hard on cats. Do you agree? I don’t! Read on to see what she thinks, what I think, and then let us know what you think!

    Should City Dwellers Be Limited To One Cat Per Household?

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    258 Responses to "Cats In The City – Only One Per Household?"

    1. I know my cats love companionship. It would be cruel to isolate them.

    2. Two cats or more, are always better then one…as long as you can afford it of course 🙂

    3. Wonderful people to love these babies!

    4. Kara Irwin says:

      It is pure ignorance.

    5. Two….All cats need a cat friend.

    6. Nope….my two cats keep each other company and each other fit. They love to chase each other around. I’ve had both just one cat and 2-3 cats at a time. My one cat was lonely and cried for attention. When I got a second cat, it stopped and she was fine. I will never go back to only one cat. More purrs and love!!!

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