Delightful Double Stacks

Can anyone tell me, is “double-stack” a new internet thing? It seems to be, but if it’s not, we can start it here and now. Without further ado, I present to you an even dozen adorable double-stacked cuties. Most are kitties, but a couple of doggies snuck into the mix. But they are adorable, too, so – just this once – we’ll let them in!

A double-stack of sweet little furballs, fast asleep
Two Kitties Sleeping

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Double-stacked in a tree. Watching those birdies!

Double Stacked Kittens in a Tree

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A double-stack of trouble, no doubt! Cute trouble though.

Two Black Cats Peeking Through the Door

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Double-stacked sleeping arrangements

Double Stacked cats on the bed

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A double-stack of feline flower children.

Double Stacked Cats in the Woods

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Kitty and her bestie, cuddled into a double-stacked nap.

double stacked dog and cat

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Double-stacked preciousness, looking at you.


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 A Delightful Stack of Double Cuteness!

Double Stacked kittens

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Hey, dude. You’re smashing my head!

Double Stack Dog on Cat

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 Double-stacked kitties named Edna and Eddie Lamm, when they were itty bitty kitties

Double Stacked Kitties

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Double-stacked Edna (now Sumi) and Eddie (now Tucker), now that they are grown.

Grown Up Now Double Stacked cats
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Hey! How’d you guys get in here? Oh well, you’re a double-stack of puppy dog cuteness, too, so we’ll let you stay!

Double Stacked Springer SpanielsImage Source



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