Do Real Men Like Cats?

Do real men like cats? The stereotype is that ladies loves cats, and guys do not! But is that true? We think not! We know for a fact that there are a lot of you men out there that love cats, too.

In fact, we think guys love cats just as much as the ladies do! And why not? They are cute and cuddly, can be fierce warriors with their teeth and claws, are very independent, and can have that same indifferent catitude towards people that guys have towards the ladies when the ball game is on. They’re like two peas in a pod!

But of course, a lot of guys have their macho image to maintain, and cuddling up with a sweet little kitten just doesn’t fit in. The guys in this video didn’t think they liked cats either, but when they agreed to hold some cute kittens for a while, well…something changed!


Hmmm….cats are kind of cool after all, huh? We knew those guys would come over to the crazy-bout-cats side! How could they not?

So tell us guys, are you a cat lover, and proud of it? What is it that you like about cats? Is it their personalities, their cuddliness, or something else?

And ladies, is your guy a cat lover? Have you ever been attracted to a guy, or MORE attracted to a guy, because he liked cats? After all, it is a very attractive quality in a man!


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