How to Name Your Cat

Name Your Cat

There are literally millions of names you can choose from when selecting the name of your new cat or kitten. With so many options, it can be almost overwhelming, and sometimes the great number of possibilities can make it seem like there is no appropriate name for your feline friend. This name is likely to follow your cat through life, and the selection must fit them well; talk about pressure! So how do you go about choosing the perfect name for your kitty?


Some cats earn their names because of their appearance. Many names are based on the color of the feline. Shadow, Ebony, and Midnight are fitting names for some black cats. Ivory, Marshmallow, and Cotton may be ideal for a clean white cat. Pumpkin and Tiger fitting for orange cats. Other cats’ strange traits may be used to designate a name. A Scottish Fold, with round eyes, a round head, and folded ears, could aptly be named Owl.


The personality of the cat in question may give them a name, and hopefully a flattering one. Lovebug, Sweetie, and Honey may be the best names for your extremely affectionate feline. A feisty fireball of a kitten may be better suited to a name like Rocket, Zippy, or Mischief, while a calm cat may be called Zen or Karma. A cat with a tough demeanor, or one who thinks they have it, may be called Buster or Bruno.

Literature, Movies, Popular Cats

Good literature and entertainment provides a basis for good naming conventions, and many cats are well-suited to a name based on a book, play, or even a movie. Perhaps the name chosen belongs to a cat in what it is based on, such as O’Malley (based on Thomas O’Malley of The Aristocats) or Felix (for the ever-popular Felix the Cat). Others may not share the species, but the name is fitting, such as Lady (another Disney name, this time from The Lady and the Tramp) or Larka (a popular name from a book called The Sight.)

Other Ideas

There are so many other possibilities; the options are limitless. Plants may provide the ideal name for a new cat; Daisy, Lily, and Oak are just the beginning of these possibilities. Nature may influence the name in other ways; Sunshine, Cyclone, or Mist may be fitting for your cat. Human names may also fit your new feline. Some of the most regal felines carry names such as Elizabeth, Reginald, or Samantha.

Tell us, what is your cat’s name, and why did you pick it?


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