I Love My Hooman

Do you think of cats as being independent and aloof? Too uppity to ever give, rather than get, some cuddles? Well, think again. Here’s proof that they’re not always that way!
Hugs from Kitty
How sweet is this? There are many pictures of children hugging cats, often against their will, or with the cat barely tolerating the hugs, but how often do you see the kitty going out of it’s way to hug the child? This kitty obviously loves his little hooman a lot!


Cat hugs neck

Think cats are snooty? Not this one! This orange tabby shows us just how sweet a kitty can be. He has his paws wrapped around his hooman’s neck and his head cuddled in close, too. Can’t you just hear the purrs?


Lion Cub Hugs

This is Sirga, an African lion cub, giving a big-pawed hug to one of the two hoomans who saved her when she was driven from her pride as a baby. The two hooman men are Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth and they are working to save Sirga’s species in Botswana.

20 year old cat

And last, but not least, this is CC, who is an amazing 20 years old, giving a hug to her hooman mom. Which just goes to show – you’re never to old for a hug!



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