Kitties and Butterflies: What Are You?

Kitty and Butterfly

Curious kitty is checking out this strange, new thing. What’s going to happen when the butterfly flaps his wings? Cats are wired to chase anything that moves, and it can be quite comical to watch.

kitten with butterfly

This kitty is calming watching this butterfly. Hmmm…why isn’t he ready to pounce? Image source

Butterfly on Cat's Nose

Is this a painting, or a camera shot taken at the perfect moment?  Image source

Cat and Butterfly

Uh oh! Better get out of there, little butterfly! Image source

(Click to see larger images of these kitties and butterflies)

Why are kitties so attracted to butterflies? Because they are small, moving things that they can pounce on! A perfect way to hone their hunting skills.

Little Kitten and a Butterfly

(Click to see larger images of more kittens and butterflies)

“My Cat Chasing Butterflies” – 45 seconds (you’ll see the butterflies at about 30 seconds)


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