Ninja Cats! You Think It’s An Urban Legend?

Ninja cats! They’re tough, they’re quick,¬†they’re agile. Ninja cats have mad skills. All dogs and other enemies should stay out of the way of the Ninja cat, as they will show no mercy (unless said dog is a buddy or if said enemy has food). The Ninja cats in this video really are showing a lot of a cat’s agility. And they’re just…so…cute!

Ninja cats – you think it’s an urban legend?

They train tirelessly, pushing back their physical limits, defying the laws of gravity, they can run on water.

Masters in the art of stealthy approach, always on the lookout. They can hide, they can hide where you won’t be able to find them – Ok, let’s go! woohooohoooohooo!

Ninja cats emerge from the shadows

They are the most discrete spies in the world – ok, I know everything – they know how to become invisible – and now? Can you still see me? And nothing can stop them – ok, I’m out!

When they are on a mission, they have a will of iron, an unfailing determination.

Hop! Somersault!

Me, I’m on the look-out.

Ninja cats combat techniques make them into lethal weapons. They don’t fear anything, not even serious competitors. You won’t see them coming.

lookout ninjaI’m on the lookout, toosource

No, ninja cats are NOT an urban legend.

They DO exist! One could be behind you… right now!

Yes, it’s me, I’m still on the look-out.

What…you know your red light sword doesn’t scare me! I’m your father! Wow, no kidding?

Three Ninja Catssource

Love those Ninja cats!

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