Prayers for Sandye Gier

I don’t know Sandye Gier in person, I’ve only met her through the Kittens Whiskers page on Facebook, but I do know that she is one of the sweetest, kindest, most devoted cat ladies around. Until recently, she ran a rescue home for cats called Catazona. At last count, she had 78 cats there.

Cat Interruption

Catazona is a place for sick, injured, endangered, and unwanted feral cats and kittens. We are a rescue, sanctuary, and hospice all rolled into one. We’re located in Pine, Arizona. All of my work is dedicated to my Mom, Marge Gier, who taught me unconditional love. She loved this house and lived and died here. I can only hope the same for myself. – from Catazona’s Facebook page

Sandye has a bad lung condition, and recently received the happy news that she qualifies for lung transplants. She immediately began working to make arrangements for the cats, finding what she referred to as “wonderful women” from various shelters and rescues, that are helping her to find homes or new shelters for her kitties. Some are adoptable, while others are feral.

But Now Sandye Needs Our Prayers

She was rushed to the hospital two days ago, and was put into a medical coma. It didn’t look good. Her sister, Linda, began posting updates on Sandye’s Facebook page, hoping to be able to reach more of her friends with updates on Sandye’s condition.

Today, the good news came though that although she had been deprived of oxygen for a while, Sandye does not have any brain damage. However, her heart was also deprived of oxygen and there IS damage. Sandye wears a pacemaker, so we can only imagine the stress on her heart.

She is also on a ventilator, unable to breath on her own. Her sister Linda is going to do her best to convince the doctors to do the lung transplant immediately.

You can visit the Catazona page (no longer available) and see just how much of herself Sandye gives to her cats. Please offer a prayer for her on her page, or here in the comments, and I will see that her sister Linda knows about them.

Surely if all of us cat lovers combine our prayers for this wonderful cat lady, they will be heard!

Here are a few pictures from Catazona (the funny at the top also came from the Catazona page).

The Cats of Catazona


Sandye’s Cats

Sandye's Cats


Kitty Licks

So please, please! Say a little prayer for Sandye!


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