Protect and Serve Applies to Kittens, Too

Officer Feeds KittenWhen Officers of the Fort Worth Police Department found three tiny kittens deserted in the parking lot outside their building, they did what they do best – protect and serve. The officers took the kittens in, and have been taking turns feeding and caring for the kittens, until they are big enough to be adopted out at a Furrever Friday event.

“Our sergeants have been trading the bottle feeding job every shift,” one commenter wrote on Reddit. “It’s pretty great to see them, our decades-on-the-force bosses holding these tiny mewling kittens and giving them bottles. Also, kittens are way louder than I expected.”

These images of the officers feeding the kittens have gone viral and we can see why. You may think of policemen as tough guys, but as you can see, they have a soft side, too!

Bottle Feeding a Kitten


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