Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap

  • Cuddle Bug

    You don’t mind if I cuddle up on your fresh sheets, do you? I mean, they do match my eyes. Really brings out the blue in them, huh? I just want to take a short cat nap, here where I can smell your scent. Maybe you’d like to take a cat nap with me? We could purr together! Cuddle Bug     Image

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    1,856 Responses to "Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap"

    1. This is a female. Lol

    2. My Shadow under the comforter on my bed

    3. Kathy Krauss says:

      SWEETY you can take a nap wherever you want

    4. Ann Renfrow says:

      He’s looking like he may be in dutch

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