Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap

  • Cuddle Bug

    You don’t mind if I cuddle up on your fresh sheets, do you? I mean, they do match my eyes. Really brings out the blue in them, huh? I just want to take a short cat nap, here where I can smell your scent. Maybe you’d like to take a cat nap with me? We could purr together! Cuddle Bug     Image

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    1,827 Responses to "Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap"

    1. Ken Mack says:

      oh i would let that little sweety sleep on my bed.

    2. Teri Murphy says:

      Sorry. Can you send her to me?Lol. What a doll

    3. Teri Murphy says:

      Time for me for dinner and bed then dinner. Great looking kiddo

    4. Andrea Hart says:

      Matt Daniels I’m sorry if you have had a bad experience with a feral cat or cats, but I sure have not. I have owned one and had one of the best relationships with another being I could have ever experienced, and have helped many. I just don’t see where you are coming from and worse: I fear that you are spreading vicious rumors that are frightening other people away from helping feral cats. Why waste your time doing such harm?

    5. Lisa Karpova says:

      How do they damage your house or garage?

    6. well love u for EVER!

    7. Complaining does nothing. Do something about the problem… Like call animal control or the cops since they have ruined your property. Posting about it on Facebook just makes you look like a blathering fool who can’t take care of business.

    8. You can curl up on me baby!

    9. Well cared for cats are not destructive! My cat is neutered and declawed. He is never allowed outside, uses his litter box and only bites me if I don’t pay enough attention to him. He is the 6th cat I have had.

    10. Kenda Harris says:

      I would take the poor kitten

    11. As long as I can cuddle with it…

    12. We took in 2 ferusl kitties, my husband and daughter brought them both home from their place of employment. The captured the rest of the family and took them to get nurtured and spayed. Returned them to their home, and make sure they are feed daily… My hushband and daughter have since become friends with the kitties and are able to pet them.. The kitties seem to know that they have some one who shows them alittle compassion….

    13. Omg any time. Love you cutie

    14. Weve rescued many feral cats and they are so thankful for homes…they make the most devoted and loving pets!

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