Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap

  • Cuddle Bug

    You don’t mind if I cuddle up on your fresh sheets, do you? I mean, they do match my eyes. Really brings out the blue in them, huh? I just want to take a short cat nap, here where I can smell your scent. Maybe you’d like to take a cat nap with me? We could purr together! Cuddle Bug     Image

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    1,856 Responses to "Sweet Kitty Takes A Little Cat Nap"

    1. Carol Gibbs says:

      Looks like princess.

    2. John O'Dwyer says:

      It’s what all kitties love to do.

    3. Aaawwww.choooo chweet and huggable and squishable

    4. Jade Deriso says:

      Such a sweet kittie…!!!

    5. Keep Her Inside only ! Please !

    6. They absolutely love laundered sheets

    7. Just makes your heart melt! What a sweetie!

    8. as many times and as long as youy want little one,

    9. My cat doesn’t normally sleep with me but everytime I change the sheets she wants to get right up into the edge of the pillows and sleep. Love her.

    10. It’s ok, little one! You can nap with me anytime!

    11. it sure can..come to me kitty

    12. He sure can. He can curl up anytime. So adorable.

    13. Anything you want sweet baby.

    14. Diane Monroe says:

      Aww SO cute and Adorable

    15. that little kitty can do anything it wants to!! <3

    16. Dirk Ferlen says:

      OK Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    17. U can cat nap on my fresh cleaned sheets any time sweetie

    18. Adorable! Yes, kitty, you may lie on anything of mine!

    19. Diane Hibdon says:

      You better believe any cat is welcome on my clean sheets.

    20. Little sweetheart you can curl up anywhere you want but the best place would be on my lap.

    21. You can sleep any where you want.

    22. yes it is my little cuti lol

    23. I just meant Adorable!

    24. Joan Runion says:

      my babies always do & can

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