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Cat in a Manger

Away In A Manger

Well, today I started putting up the Christmas decorations. Drug all the plastic totes upstairs. Hung some holiday pix on the wall and started setting up the Nativity scene. Let’s ...
Black Cats

What’s Wrong With Black Cats?

Now this is sad news to me. The Toledo Area Humane Society and Planned Pethood, Inc. is offering a sort of sale on adopting black cats. It seems that black cats are less likely to ...
Buddha and the Cat

At Peace With the World

In some Buddhist cultures cats are regarded as a holy creature. They are perceived to be one of the more mindful animals and as they are everywhere, have traditionally been useful ...
Milton the Cat

Milton the Cat’s Matchmaking Service

Prrt. Enngh? Mowrr! It’s around 3:00 a.m. Little feet bat at my face. Shallow, snorty breathing is upon my ear. If I don’t groan awake, my husband will. No use to complain, protest ...
Black Cat and other myths

6 Myths About Cats

Cats are often given a negative reputation because of their apparent independence and secretive ways. At times they can seem totally bizarre! Their mysterious behavior often baffles ...
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