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April the Kitten

Little Kitty Survives Being Thrown Out Of A Moving Car

You may have heard the story of a little kitten that was thrown out a moving car in Florida when she was just three weeks old. We are not going into what kind of heartless humans were ...
Cat in Rain

Mama Cat Braves Storm To Bring Her Kittens To Safety

This is the sweetest story! Kate Collins’ son had been feeding a stray, a hungry little cat that had been hanging around his house in the Indianapolis area. He called her Mabel. ...
Loki the Blind Kitten

Loki, The Amazing Blind Kitten

This is Loki, a blind kitten. Loki was found outside a restaurant, with a bad eye infection. His owners were told he would either need to be euthanized or would have to have his ...
Cleo The Cat

Cat Finds Owner After Being Left Behind

Dogs are known for their loyalty, and for traveling many miles to re-find their owners, but they’ve got nothing on Cleo the Cat. Cleo’s owner, Nancy Cowen, moved into an ...
Hiding Cat

How to Tame A Feral Cat

Way back when, when my kids were young, I didn’t know anything about feral cats – even what they are. But looking back, I’m pretty sure Spook was one. We started noticing ...
Cat in a tree

How to Get Your Cat Down Out of a Tree

Cats are very athletic. They can quickly and easily climb a tree; whether it is one outside, your Christmas tree, or one that has been built specifically for them to climb (see that ...
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