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Cat with Dumbbells

How To Keep Your Cat Fit and Trim

Cats are lucky, they have nine lives. But in order to keep make sure they have nine long lives, they need to be given the proper care. Like humans, cats need to eat right, watch their ...


Sure, I packed on a few pounds this winter. But who didn’t? But hey, I’m no slacker. I know when it’s time to get with the plan…the fitness plan, that is. Gotta ...

Cats + Abs Workout with 3 Cute Kitties and 3 Hot Guys!

Hubba, hubba! Here’s an ab workout you won’t want to miss. Three hunky guys and three adorable, adoptable kitties leading you in what’s bound to become your all-time ...
Kitty Playing

Entertaining the Inner Kitten

There is a common misconception about cats regarding the amount of stimulation they need to receive. Many people mistakenly believe that cats are self-sufficient and capable of entertaining ...
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