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Hiding Cat

How to Tame A Feral Cat

Way back when, when my kids were young, I didn’t know anything about feral cats – even what they are. But looking back, I’m pretty sure Spook was one. We started noticing ...
Milton the Cat

Milton the Cat’s Matchmaking Service

Prrt. Enngh? Mowrr! It’s around 3:00 a.m. Little feet bat at my face. Shallow, snorty breathing is upon my ear. If I don’t groan awake, my husband will. No use to complain, protest ...

Adopting A New Roommate

I have always loved animals; since I was a young kid. Growing up, my best friend was a little poodle named “Mitzie”. I had gotten her when I was 8 years old. We were together for ...
The Cabinet Cat

My Cats Rocky and Rambo and the Cabinet Cat

I have 2 kittens, Rocky and Rambo. I got Rambo from a cat rescue in September of 2012. They told me he was a boy cat, and he was such a roughie-toughie, so I named him Rambo. It ...
Cat in a tree

How to Get Your Cat Down Out of a Tree

Cats are very athletic. They can quickly and easily climb a tree; whether it is one outside, your Christmas tree, or one that has been built specifically for them to climb (see that ...
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