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White Cat

What A Beauty!

Hello, pretty kitty! Whatchu doing today? They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but can anyone say that this fluffy white kitten with it’s pale, pale blue eyes is ...
Mama Cat

If Looks Could Kill!

Aww, pretty kitty has such cute little babies! But mama cat’s face seems to say –  do NOT mess with my babies! Don’t worry Mama, we won’t hurt them, we just ...
Kitten in blue

Does Kitty’s Blue Top Bring Out The Color Of Her Eyes?

This little white kitten is just the cutest little thing! She’s making quite a fashion statement, all dressed up in her little blue outfit and her pretty collar. Even without ...
Beautiful white cat

Does The Color of a Cat’s Coat Determine Their Personality?

As a cat owner, you know that your cats have distinct personalities. Some are friendly and cuddly, some are aloof and independent. Some are feisty or aggressive, and others are very ...
Upside Down Cat

Upside Down Kitty

How’s It Going Up There? Just thought I’d check in on ya. You look kind of busy, maybe you need to take a little break. I wouldn’t mind a little game of chase the ...
White Cat with Blue Eyes

White Cats

About 5% of all cats are white. Their eyes can be blue, green, gold, or they can be odd-eyed (one eye blue, one other colored eye).  Their snow white fur contrasted with their eyes ...
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