What’s Wrong With Black Cats?

Black Cats

Now this is sad news to me. The Toledo Area Humane Society and Planned Pethood, Inc. is offering a sort of sale on adopting black cats. It seems that black cats are less likely to be adopted and more likely to be euthanized.

Whether because of color preference or superstition, black cats have been found to be far less likely to be adopted than other cats. Shelters across the country have noted that black cats spend the longest in shelters and are also more likely to be euthanized.

Why would anyone think they are bad luck? How could anyone not think they are beautiful cats? Just to show how serious this problem is, here are the price discounts being given by the Toledo shelter (until July 13, if you live in that area).

The promotion offers black kittens for $30 each or two for $50, and black cats for $20 each or two for $35. Non-black kittens will be $55 each or two for $90, and non-black cats will be $40 each or two for $70.

They are offering the black cats for nearly half the price of the non-black cats. Even if you don’t live in the Toledo area, the next time you go to adopt a cat from a shelter, this is something to keep in mind. Adopt a black cat and save it from a having to live a long time in a shelter, or from not getting to live at all.

Black Cat's ProfileHere are a few superstitions from around the world about black cats, both bad and good:

  • The Scottish believed that if a strange black cat shows up at their home, it signified prosperity.
  • The Japanese considered a black cat to be good luck. They also believed that if a lady owned a black cat, she would have many suitors
  • In Germany, they believed that if a black cat crossed a person’s path from right-to-left, that is a bad omen. But if it is from left-to-right, the cat was giving the person favorable times.
  • The Irish believed that if a black cat crossed one’s path by moonlight, it meant they would die in an epidemic.
  • In Egypt, they used to believe that they could gain favor with Bastet, the “cat goddess”, by having black cats in their house.
  • Western culture believed that black cats belonged to witches, and were of the devil. And having a black cat cross your path, from either direction, meant bad luck would befall you.

Even animal shelters have their own superstitions. Some of them won’t adopt out black cats around Halloween, for fear they will be tortured, or because someone might just want them to add to their “decorations” for the holiday and will abandon them afterwards. But, there has been no real evidence of either of these things happening.


How could anyone think this little furr-baby is anything but adorable?

Black Kitten

Whether a person thinks good things or bad things will come to them through a black cat, it isn’t true. Black cats don’t have any super powers, they are just cats. They are beautiful cats, and they can give you love, and purrs, and someone to cuddle up in your lap.

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