Would You Live In These Cat Houses?

  • kindercathouse

    What 5-year-old wouldn’t love going to school in this building? The Kindergarten Die Katze building, located in Wolfartsweier, Germany, was designed with just that idea in mind; to make going to school fun. The building even has whiskers, and a slide around back serves as the kitten’s tail. It can hold up to 100 kindergarteners.


    Cat Island House
    This building and the one below are from a place called “Cat Island”. Officially known as Tashiro Island, it is a real island near Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.

    Cat Island House

    On Cat Island, there are only about 100 residents, but there are 1000s of cats. It has become a tourist attraction, with people coming to see and pet the cats. No dogs allowed!


    Leopard Spotted House

    If you love the big cats, you’ll like this leopard-spotted house in Chicago, where it “spends its days lounging in the sun and waiting for an unsuspecting antelope house to wander by.”



    Hello Kitty House
    Hello Kitty fans know that the cute kitty can be found on all kinds of merchandise, but surely this house is a first! It resides in Shanghai, China, and the inside is decorated with Hello Kitty furniture and accessories.


    Would you live in one of these cat houses if you could?

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    123 Responses to "Would You Live In These Cat Houses?"

    1. Lori Zinger says:

      I want that house !! Pretty sure my son would so not build it for me, lol

    2. YES ! The one in the picture, the 1st one…

    3. Mary Alley Miller, is it time for you to remodel?

    4. Unlike WWII, Germany & Japan win.

    5. I would, I love this one!!!

    6. would pick 1 and Carol would pick 5. Check it out Carol

    7. I would in a heartbeat 🙂

    8. My neighborhood could really use a nice cathouse. 😉

    9. Ken Curley says:

      I’d rather live with this Cat…

    10. noooo ….too creepy for me……I love cats, but my dog might be upset……I can’t have cats as I am allergic…..my dog knows this……..lol

    11. I’d love to check one out from the inside

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