8 of the Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Cats can be categorized into 2 basic groups: the undomesticated cat and the domesticated cat. The undomesticated cats are the beautiful wild cats such as tigers, lions, jaguar and leopards. Here, however, we are focusing on the domesticated range of cats which are typically the small, furry carnivorous mammals that we call our furrbabies! The cats that some folks commonly refer to as house cats.

There are over 90 breeds of domestic cats. Listed here are the 8 of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, listed in reverse order of their higher-end price. But don’t get your pocketbook out just yet…

8. The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Cat is a domestic breed of cat that has a broad strong chest, eyes that are wide-set and ears that are large. They come in different colors and have a plush coat and long tails.

Maine Coon

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They are also easygoing and gentle, make great pets and relate well with children. A Maine Coon will set you back about 1,000 USD.


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