Mama Cat Braves Storm To Bring Her Kittens To Safety

  • Cat in Rain

    This is the sweetest story! Kate Collins’ son had been feeding a stray, a hungry little cat that had been hanging around his house in the Indianapolis area. He called her Mabel. Mabel was too shy to come in the house, and soon she disappeared –  for a whole month. He had been planning to take her to the vet and hopefully get her adopted, but now she was gone.
    Cat in Rain

    About a month later, she showed up again, hungry, and looking differently somehow. This time, she cautiously came in the house, ate a lot, looked around a bit, and then left again. She did this for about a week, and then disappeared again – this time for two months.

    Now this is where Mabel will start to pull at your heartstrings:

    “Two months later I heard a loud cry from outside my window. It was six in the morning during a bad thunderstorm. I had decided to sleep with the windows open that night to hear the storm come in. When I heard the crying again I quickly dressed and went to the living room. I opened my sliding glass door and saw Mabel, soaking wet, meowing her heart out.”

    Poor Mabel, out there in the pouring rain! She must have been scared to death of the thunder and lightning. But there was more to it than that:

    “Then behind her I saw the reason why. There was a very small kitten following her. She led the shivering kitten to my door and disappeared back into the storm. Thirty minutes later she came back, with another kitten. Every thirty minutes Mabel went back into the storm, until, one by one, she had led eight little four-week-old kittens to my door.”

    Talk about a mother’s love! Mabel had trekked back-and-forth through the raging storm to get her kittens to safety. If it took 30 minutes to get each one, that means she spent 4 hours in that storm! She brought them to the only person she knew she could trust.

    (These are Mabel’s kittens, Cole, Quinn, and Ellie! Click to them see full-sized)

    “In that moment when I stepped outside and I looked into that cat’s eyes, there was an exchange of information. She had successfully communicated to me that she needed help. And somehow, over the weeks and months that I had cared for her, she had come to know that I would. Mabel had struggled for hours to bring her kittens to safety, and I owed it to her to make sure they end up in a good loving home.”

    (This is Casper and Lilly. Click to see them full-sized)

    The kittens have all been named, taken to the vet, are litter trained, and are ready for adoption. Kate Collins also wants to thank her heroic son, who has taken the kittens into his home and is taking such good care of them.

    “My son is determined not to  turn them over to a shelter but instead find homes for them and their brave little mother.”

    Bless your hearts! We think you and your son are both wonderful people, and we’re so glad that Mabel had a place to take her kittens!

    (Monty, Leo, and Killian. Click to see them full-sized)

    If you live in the Indianapolis area, and are interested in adopting the mama cat Mabel, or any of her kittens, you can contact Kate here. Tell her we sent you! Also, the top image, the cat in the rain, is NOT Mabel. We don’t have a picture of her, but she is a calico kitty. The pictures of the kittens, however, are the real deal!

    Featured Image


    Happy ending!!! Just heard from Jason and Kate. Jason says homes have been found for all of the kittens, and he is keeping Mabel!

    From Jason:

    I am happy to announce that all eight kittens have found wonderful, loving homes. We have decided to adopt Mabel ourselves, along with three of her kittens. Thank you so much for sharing this story! It brings me to tears and I lived it! : )

    From Kate:

    Imagine 8 kittens, their mom, and my son’s own rescued cat in a one bedroom apartment! But he was too kind-hearted to shut his door that stormy morning. I’m so proud of him.

    You have every reason to be proud of him, Kate. You raised a wonderful, kind-hearted son! And Jason, it brings us to tears that it brings you to tears! But thank you both for letting us know the end of this heart-warming story. We couldn’t be happier that Mabel gets to stay with the person she trusted most in this world. We wish you, Mabel, and the kittens all the best!


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    1,802 Responses to "Mama Cat Braves Storm To Bring Her Kittens To Safety"

    1. Suzanne Hall says:

      Wonderful story. Thank tou for sharing. I have 10 kitties that are former strays or ferals, and the kittens from the ferals I kept. They’re now all indoor lap kitties, spayed, neutered, shots UTD, spoiled rotten and my babies. Wouldn’t trade them for the world!

    2. Honey Dorf says:

      What a great mom. Bless you Jason for leaving your window open. Mom knew where to take her babies to safety ❤❤❤

    3. Jack Bennett says:

      Your a great person and a hero

    4. Bob Nost says:

      A mother’s love over comes all.

    5. Penny Ertle says:

      Glad she has a human she could trust and love

    6. Just like our momma girl. She brought 4 kits to neighbors porch after horrible flooding. We rescued them. Still have momma and 2 babies.

    7. Paula Pallo says:

      Wow, what a Momma cat and human Daddy. Rather extraordinary that she was able to birth and nurture 8 babies AND get them all to safety. Very wonderful story. Wish there was lots more of these kinds of stories in this world.

    8. Loved that he kept Mabel

    9. I know he must have had Mabel spade. I know he kept her, but I also wonder if he was able to convince Mable to come live inside his house.
      Most feral cats I have ever known have a very difficult time coming inside.

    10. That is a great thing you did. Yay !

    11. There are great shelters for ferrels using rubber tote & foam ice chest you can make easily to keep them out of weathers

    12. Mom’s kitties need ed some shelter. For her and babies

    13. Ann Swienton says:

      It’s called true love and devotion. We all could learn from animals

    14. Id take one but I’m in Georgia. What a wonderful mama

    15. DeeDee Wynne says:

      Cats are awesomely great mothers

    16. Cats sense when someone is a good person. You are a definite good person for her to trust you with her babies.

    17. You are wonderful caring family

    18. What Mary L. Letts Foess??

    19. Vickie Cribb says:

      That was a wonderful story with a great ending

    20. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. Sandy Shore says:

      Wonderful story with a happy ending thank you for caring and sharing your story.Wish there were more people like you in this world. Bless you.

    22. Bless you guys and God Bless Mabel

    23. Judy Newman says:

      These people are heroes , God bless you for taking such care of his critters .

    24. Paula McVey says:

      Love this story too. So happy you are keeping Mabel. She loves and trusts you. Thank you for being their for her and her family. Bless you all.

    25. Margo Melvin says:

      Awesome story. A momma cat heroine. And her HERO rescuer. God bless them.

    26. Marion West says:

      This is a magnificent story about fear. If you aren’t a cat lover you may change your mind here. Fear turns into total trust toward a verykind human.

    27. Jack Bennett says:

      Hero is what I would call you guys.

    28. It’s nice to hear about someone who cares about helpless animals and does something to help them. Thank you for caring.

    29. Brava Mabel. You are one strong and caring mom. Thanks for rescuing her and her 8 babies. What a great story. <3

    30. What a nice guy!! I love that there are people like you in the world!!!!

    31. Jane Kee says:

      What a wonderful family and what a wonderful mama kitty

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