White Cats

White Cat with Blue Eyes

About 5% of all cats are white. Their eyes can be blue, green, gold, or they can be odd-eyed (one eye blue, one other-colored eye).  Their snow white fur contrasted with their eyes are beautiful to see.

White Cat with Blue Eyes

Some white cats with blue eyes suffer from a congenital deafness. In an odd-eyed white cat deafness will usually occur on the side of the blue eye. But not all blue-eyed cats are deaf.

White Kitten

White cats are vulnerable to being sun-burned, especially around their eyes and ears, and can develop skin cancer. For this reason, it is best to limit your white cat’s time in the sun.

Blue eyed kitty

Many white cats are named for their color – Snowball, Puff, Casper, Cotton.

Kitty’s sitting pretty

White Persian Cat


White Puppy and White Kitten

Gold-Eyed Kitties:

White Persian

White Persian

IntenseWhite Kitteh
Gold eyes and pink ears

Pretty White Kitty

Green-eyed White Cats:

Emerald Eyes

Emerald Eyes
Pretty Green EyesWhite Cat
Pretty KittySweet White Kitty

Beautiful Green EyesWhite Cat with Green Eyes

Almost white 🙂Almost White Kitty

One Fuzzy White Kitty
Cute Fuzzy White Kitten
Two White FurrballsTwo White Kittens

Three White Kitties

3 White Kittens

Four White KittiesFour white kitties
Five White Kitties (plus mama in the background)

White Fur Baby

White on White

Kitty’s going to take a nap now…Pretty White Kitty


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