Rules for the Cat

As we’re sure you know, we don’t own our cats, they own us. And should you ever forget that, you will be reminded! These rules came in email and we thought they were too cute to keep to ourselves, because after all, who among us can’t relate? So here are the Rules for the Cat.

The Cat is not allowed on the furniture.

Cat Scratching furniture


 Alright, the Cat can go on the furniture, but not on the kitchen counter.

Cat on Counter


Ok, the Cat can go on the kitchen counter, too, just not when I’m preparing food. Deal?

tiger on kitchen counter

Fine…the Cat can go wherever it wants, whenever it wants, as long as it doesn’t swat me in the face at 5:30 in the morning, demanding to be fed.

Cat Waking Up Owner

The Cat will be fed at 5:30 in the morning.

Feeding the Cat


You didn’t really think you were running the show, did you?

Smug Kitty

We all have rules in place to help keep order in our homes. What silly rules have you made for your cat? Rules that, of course, have been vetoed?


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