Why Cats Spray and How to Prevent It

Cat spraying is a fairly common problem, especially when you have more than one cat. Unless they have been neutered or spayed, cats will often spray their urine around the house for several reasons, including as a way to mark their territory, display their sexuality, or as a response to stress.

Territorial Cats

However, cat spraying should quickly be discouraged, and stopped if possible, due to health and sanitary reasons. In this article, we will explain the main reasons why cats spray their environment, along with ways you can discourage or prevent your cat from spraying.

Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Spraying

One of the first and foremost reason that most cats spray is to mark their territory. This is a warning sign to other cats to “keep out” or else. If you live in small or tight quarters and have more than one cat, or if the cat has been moved to a new home suddenly, the territorial issues can become worse.

Cat Spraying

In order to fix this problem, make sure that your cats have plenty of free space to roam around in. If you have limited space in your home, try adding perches, ramps, or pet play pens to give your cats added space. This method is the most effective way to reduce territorial conflict among cats.

A second reason that your cat may be spraying is to release pheromones, especially if they have reached sexual maturity or if they are under stress. If it is mating season and the cat is not fixed, they are more than likely spraying to release sexual pheromones and attract the attention of other cats.

This type of spraying can be prevented by simply spaying or neutering your cat, preferably at a early age.

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Cats will also start spraying if there is a death in the household, especially if it is the death of a family member or another cat, or if there is any stress in the household. If the cat is spraying because of stress, try to figure out a way to fix the stressful situation, so your cat can relax.

If you have brought a new cat into the house, this also can cause your cat to start spraying. Your cat may become jealous of the new cat, especially if it is receiving most of the attention. In order to fix this, make sure that you slowly get your cat used to having another animal in the house by allowing them to take in their scent.

You should also treat each cat with an equal amount of affection; cuddle them equally, give both of them treats and toys, and if possible, allow them to sleep in the same general area.

Equal Loving


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